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Privacy Policy
Be-Mobile understands that privacy is very important for you, and we to treat your personal data with all due care and protect them very diligently. That is why your personal data is only used by the Be-Mobile Group; it is never communicated, without your prior consent, to third parties for commercial purposes.

The sections below detail how Be-Mobile handles your personal data when you use our products, services, applications, and when you visit our website: www.touringmobilis.be.
Collection and use of personal data
If you want to use our products, services and/or apps, you may be asked for some personal data, such as your first and last name, address, login, e-mail address, telephone number, mobile number, date of birth, language, and a copy of your identity card. We may also ask for other data which we need to deliver the service, such as specific preferences and requirements related to the service concerned. When you decide to subscribe to or use a product, service or app, Be-Mobile reserves the right to proceed to some prior verifications of your personal data in order to avoid any risk of fraud or insolvency.

Personal data can be collected through various channels: e.g. in writing via order forms or electronic forms on the website, via the mobile applications, via an electronic form incorporated in the product, via the use of our services, via a telephone call to the helpdesk or via SMS. We can also collect your personal data when you subscribe to a service, use the service or product, fill in a profile for an app, call the service helpdesk, subscribe to a newsletter, or ask us for information. Your bill and payment data, if applicable, is also stored.

In addition, we collect data on your use of our services, products, apps and websites, on the types and brands of devices you use for this and the technical information of these devices. We collect location data, being your exact location, the direction in which you are driving and at which speed and time. We can also use socio-demographic data and location-based information that we buy from specialized agencies. We also collect and process your contact details and payment details, if you use a service which is payable, and your usage data of the product, service and apps.

The personal data you enter via these different channels is stored in files held by Be-Mobile Tech SA, Be-Mobile SA or Flow SA (all with registered offices at Kardinaal Mercierlaan 1a, 9090 Melle, Belgium). This data can be used for some of the following items, such as:
- providing the required service or information to you, such as relevant traffic information at your location, offering information about the route you have travelled, etc.
- for traffic monitoring and analysis,
- for the generation (historic) traffic information,
- for the provision of mobility services,
- for route planning,
- for billing,
- for customer administration,
- for dispute management,
- for combating fraud and infringements committed against Be-Mobile, its employees, customers or suppliers,
- for improving the quality of the services and products,
- for customer profiling, and for making the information about our products, services and offers more relevant to you.

All the data we collect can be combined to create your profile and better adapt our offers and products to your personal needs.

If you do not wish to receive any information about our products and services, or if you have a specific preference regarding the communication channels we use to inform you, or if you do not want us to adapt our offer to your profile, you can send us an email at privacy@be-mobile.com and we will take care of your request.

The personal data is stored for up to 10 years after a person has ceased to be a Be-Mobile customer. Shorter storage periods may apply for certain types of data.

All processing of customer data is and will be done in accordance with the law.
Protection of personal data
We have taken technical and organizational measures to protect the databases in which your data is kept against unauthorized access, unauthorized use, theft or loss. Our security measures are evaluated and adapted regularly so that we can continue to provide a high level of protection.
Disclosure of personal data to third parties
We may make some of our databases accessible to third parties which are working for us and assisting us in performing our tasks and services or developing our products and services. Such third parties only have access to this data on a need-to-know basis, to enable them to perform their tasks on our behalf.

Your personal data and the data on the Be-Mobile products, services and apps you use, can be shared with the subsidiaries of the Be-Mobile Group to provide you with the products and services of the entire Be-Mobile Group. In case of non-payment, we can inform our subsidiaries about your payment habits in order to protect the interests of the Be-Mobile Group.

When you purchase third-party services or Be-Mobile services online, such as mobile applications or parking services, and pay for them using a mobile payment service provider or mobile operator (meaning that a third party provider bills you for the amount that you must pay for these services), Be-Mobile may communicate your mobile number, or another identification number that is created when you use the mobile payment service, to said third party to make the payment and collection possible.

Otherwise we do not give the collected personal data to third parties, unless we explicitly state that this is required for a specific action, or unless we are required by law to provide said data, e.g. at the request of the competent legal authorities in the framework of a judicial inquiry.
Use of anonymous data for reporting service
Location data is being used more and more (by mobility managers in towns and municipalities, traffic management, etc.) for reporting on, for example, the number of people that are present in a given place at a given time. Each activity of a mobile phone, or mobile device on a mobile (telecom) network or a GPS generates location data. This location data makes it possible to determine where your mobile phone or mobile device is connected or where you are positioned. Such location data can be more or less precise, depending on the device used.

Be-Mobile can use this location data to create location reports, traffic information or data that are used in its products and services. In doing so, Be-Mobile of course takes the necessary measures to respect your privacy. Only data, rendered anonymously, are used to draw up the reports or traffic information services. Moreover, the reporting and traffic information services only contain grouped data, so the recipients of these reports and traffic information services have no way of extracting information about individual customers.

Be-Mobile does not sell individual location data; the anonymous location data remains within the company or is provided to third parties in an aggregated form, in order for the information to be anonymous. Be-Mobile only sells reports and traffic information which give information on how many people were present at a specific time in a specific place, in order to provide traffic information, traffic events and movement analyses.

Other customer data can also be anonymized and consolidated into larger groups and used for internal and external reports or services.

In all cases, Be-Mobile ensures that it is not possible to identify a person based on these reports.
Privacy policy relating to our website
You can visit our website (www.touringmobilis.be,) without having to enter any personal data. Access to certain parts or functions of our website may be limited to visitors with an account, after the correct login and password have been entered.

• Connection data
We register information about the connection you make to our website and the software and devices you use to accomplish this. This information includes your IP address, the time of your visit to the website, the type of browser and the type and brand of device you use, and the pages you visit. This data is used to create statistics and improve the quality of our website and service through analyses of your surfing behaviour on our website. This information may also be used to adapt our offering on the website to your potential needs.

• Be-Mobile's cookie policy
You can consult the cookie policy of Be-Mobile via the "Cookie Policy" hyperlink found at the bottom of the homepage of our website.

• Hyperlinks
Our website may contain hyperlinks to websites that are not managed by Be-Mobile. Such hyperlinks are provided purely for information purposes. When consulting such websites, we recommend that you carefully read their privacy policy and cookie policy.

• Tracking of commercial e-mails from Be-Mobile
Be-Mobile may send you e-mails in order to keep you informed about its existing and new products, services and promotions, unless you have exercised your right to object.

• Analysis of the use of Be-Mobile' website
We may use third-party services (also called "third-party analytics" services) on our websites to monitor, analyse and report on the usage visitors make of our website. To this end, third parties providing Be-Mobile with such services may collect anonymous data about your use of our websites, including your behaviour on our websites. Such data enables us to track down any errors in our websites and to determine how we can improve your user experience on our website.

​Privacy policy relating to the Be-Mobile applications
Be-Mobile knows that privacy is important to you and would like to inform you about the processing of your personal data in connection with the Be-Mobile apps, such as MyTouringMobilis or Flitsmeister.

The data that is collected can be disclosed to partners assisting Be-Mobile in the delivery of the Be-Mobile services or in the event that such disclosure is necessary to deliver a Be-Mobile service, or if you have authorized such disclosure.

The data processed and collected when you use the Be-Mobile apps is stored by Be-Mobile SA or Be-Mobile Tech SA or Flow SA, all of which have their registered offices at Kardinaal Mercierlaan 1a, 9090 Melle, Belgium, or in the event of the Flitsmeister app by Flitsmeister B.V. , with its registered office at Landjuweel 24, 3900 AC Veenendaal, The Netherlands. The data is stored for five years and is not shared with third parties for commercial purposes, unless otherwise clearly marked in the Be-Mobile or Flitsmeister app and after receipt of your prior and explicit consent.

You have the right to access and rectify this data. Please be also informed that once your data is made anonymous by Be-Mobile, it will no longer be possible by Be-Mobile or another party to trace back your personal data.

Your privacy preference
Below, you can read how you can inform Be-Mobile of your privacy preferences. We do our best to update our systems and databases as quickly as possible, but bear in mind that it takes some time to put your preference into practice.

You can call the following number to inform us of your privacy preference: +32.9.330.51.80 or you can send an email to privacy@be-mobile.com

Your rights
Revoking your consent

If for the use of a service, product or an app, your consent was asked to collect and process your personal data, you always have the option to revoke your consent. Revoking your consent does not affect the data we stored before the revocation; revocation only applies to future location details and information.

 Right to inspect

You have a statutory right to know which of your personal details are processed by the Be-Mobile Group. It is very important to us that we are certain that we are passing on these details to the right person.

You can send an email with your request to know which personal data are processed about you to the following email address: privacy@be-mobile.com or by regular mail to: Data Protection Office at Be-Mobile NV, Kardinaal Mercierlaan 1a, 9090 Melle, Belgium.

In order to be sure that you are the correct person requesting such personal data, we require you to provide us with a copy of your ID card (front part only). We will provide you with an overview of the personal data processed by Be-Mobile, free of charge. If you execute this right to inspect more than twice per year, we might charge you with the costs incurred for providing you with this information.

Right of rectification – right of removal – right of limitation of use

After receiving the summary of your details, you can request that we rectify, complement, remove or hide your details, if you think such details are not correct or if their being processed is not relevant or if it is a violation of any statutory provisions. To do this, you can contact us at the address details mentioned above. We will then decide about your request within four weeks and inform you accordingly.

​Changes in our privacy policy
Our privacy policy may be extended or adapted in the future (for example, to accommodate new developments). For this reason, we recommend that you consult this privacy policy regularly.

Contact details of the Be-Mobile Data Protection Officer
If you have questions about Be-Mobile' s privacy policy, you can contact Be-Mobile's Data Protection Officer.

E-mail: privacy@be-mobile.com
Address: Kardinaal Mercierlaan 1a, 9090 Melle, Belgium

Last update: 01/03/2018
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