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Since July 15, Touring Mobilis can no longer be reached by phone.

Where can you find the Touring Mobilis information?
Radio: Touring Mobilis works on the traffic bulletins which can be heard at:
  • Radio 1
  • Radio 2
  • MNM
  • Studio Brussel
Internet: Touring Mobilis can be followed all the time on:

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Smartphone: the Touring Mobilis application is free to download:

appstore  googleplay

  • a detailed traffic map with live flow data, jams, accidents, road works and speed checks;
  • check the live camera images on the highways;
  • our jam barometer informs on the actual amount of kilometers in traffic jam, the number of accident and incidents;
  • live travel times on important axes;
  • personal traffic information on your favorite itineraries;
  • receive warnings for speed checks in your proximity.
GPS: the Touring Mobilis information appears on all navigation devices of:
  • Garmin
  • Mio
Auto: the Touring Mobilis information appears on all built-in navigation devices of:
  • Opel (Insignia from 2015)
  • Toyota
  • Lexus
  • Renault
  • Mercedes (only G-class)
  • Volvo (except XC90)
  • McLaren
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